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How we’re prepared for COVID-19

The world is in a bit of strange place right now so we wanted to reassure you of our COVID-19 attack plan during the following stages of our guests stay.


After each group of guests leave Manoir Beaulieu we send one team member in to the house to disinfect all touchable surfaces with a WHO approved 90% alcohol disinfectant. Once we’re happy it’s all got a spray we get to work on thoroughly cleaning the whole house.

All windows are opened wide and fabric disinfectant is sprayed on all soft furnishings (it smells lovely!) All surfaces are given a second disinfectant and polish before the floors are hoovered and mopped with another deliciously smelling floor disinfectant. We close the doors on each room when they’re sparkling and don’t re-enter.

Guests are asked to strip their own beds upon departure and to place them in a large, supplied washing bag. These are safely taken to the behind the scenes laundry room and stored for 72 hours. 

Bed linens and towels

We have 3 sets of linen and towels for each room, so we can safely clean and rotate each set in enough time. After guests leave, all bedding and towels are washed on a hot 60oc using a little more of our fabric disinfectant.


You’ll find a handy wall pump at the front door, filled with deliciously smelling sanitiser. We’ve partnered with Apothecary Kitchen who live and breath natural products. Their hand sanitisers are infused with essential oils, leaving your hands soft, protected and smelling fabulous. We give all guests complimentary on-the-go hand sanitiser bottles, which can be taken home. We sell more gorgeous flavours of Apothecary Kitchen hand sanitiser in our little MB shop too.

Checking in and out

Usually we’re hand shakers and huggers, so please don’t think us rude when we safely distance ourselves on your arrival! We’ll say hello and then leave you to have a look around and settle in. It goes without saying, if there is anything we can do during your stay we’ll be on hand.