Meet the newlyweds

Mattie & Cam

Wedding day at MB: 12th September 2021
Wedding style: Earthy + natural

Why did you choose Manoir Beaulieu?

All we wanted from our wedding day was an intimate party with our families and best friends, somewhere special but undiscovered, a place that did not churn two weddings per week and had a formulaic and formal approach to the whole concept. Finding Manoir Beaulieu was just the best surprise. A walk away from our newly-bought ‘house’, the most friendly and familiar atmoshpere, and the two best-most-hardworking owners ever. Handmade tables, handmade pizza oven, excellent in-house catering, all ideas and possibilities open – it just felt like THE place where our wedding would have taken shape into this amazing, dreamy event. Cannot imagine a better place, honestly. 

Describe your overall wedding style or theme:

We were very relaxed in terms of theme, colours and style of the wedding. We left lots of freedom to our guests to wear whatever they wanted, which was lovely as they all showerd up in their favourite colours and styles. I’d say it was a countryside wedding, there were loats of floaty dresses, bright and colourful patterns. As it was an Anglo-Italian wedding, most of the Italian guests were classically sleek and glamorous, so it was a beautiful combination. 

How did you two meet - is there a juicy story behind your first date?
It might sound cheesy, but seriously – completely random and lovely first-met-first-date story here. I was living and working in London while Cam has been based in France for the past 15 years. My colleague and friend Tom – who was our wedding’s celebrant – convinced me to join him for a weekend away to visit some of his friends in the Charente. Cam was one of them – the first time we met became our first date, really, and our unexpected long-distance relationship eventually turned into… well, Mr & Mrs Evans!


What was your dress goals or inspiration, and who was the designer?

Ohhhh. I am a bit of a weird bride about that. I never spent too much time looking for dresses online or thinking about what style would have suited me and all that. I bought my dress seven days before the wedding, as I really wanted my mum and dad to be there and choose it with me. I had always known I would have wanted something elegant, without too many frills. I ended up finding this small boutique in Bordeaux that had a simple but beautifully handmade silk dress, and the most beautiful veil I had ever seen. I am Sicilian, and the veil had Sicilian embroidery on it. It was fate.

Where did you get your theme inspiration from?

The Manoir. It’s a fantastic style in itself, why change it? I definitely had the odd look on Instagram to get some basic ideas from, mainly for the flower arrangements. 

Your wedding feast, what did you eat?

An array of delicious canapes, the most juicy and tender slow-cooked pork, veggies, salads, cheeses, everything! Really, that was the only wedding requirement we had: the food had to the VERY good. And it so was. So much care, beautiful presentation, local ingredients. It was a real feast.

What was your first dance song?
First Day of My Life by Bright Eyes. Tears everywhere.
What was your favourite part of the day?
The ceremony. It’s really the whole point, isn’t it. It was so special to have all our 40 best people in one place, too. It was so authentic, ad-hoc, so genuinely funny and moving at the same time.
What do you hope the future holds for you two?
Ahahaha. You-know-what. But really, strong partnership, fueled by love, trust and fun. Tonnes of adventures and fun. Being there for each other always. Good stuff.
What wedding advice would you give to future couples?
Don’t stress about the details. They are not important. Remember why you’re there – and treasure the day, it goes fast!


Dress – Croque Lune |  Makeup – MAC Cosmetics  |  Flowers – Atelier Florum

Kind words from Mattie & Cam

Getting married at Manoir Beaulieu was simply THE best – it felt like a dream, a dream filled with stunning food, joy and love. James, Lauren and the whole team went above and beyond to help making it absolutely perfect: we just could have not hoped for a more glorious day. Thank you, for everything!

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